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Education Awards

An Education Award is a financial incentive that rewards providers for educational achievements and encourages continued education. The award is provided to individuals, and supervisors, who are working at least 20 hours a week with children under the age of 13. The award amount is based on the professional development Milestone you have achieved. These Milestones are identified by a group of steps on the Oregon Registry.

When you apply for a Step 3 through 12 on the Oregon Registry, you may be eligible for an Education Award. To receive an Education Award, you must be working in an Office of Child Care (OCC) licensed facility or you must be a Department of Human Services (DHS) active provider. There are three levels of Education Awards, called Milestones.

  • Milestone 1: $100 for Steps 3 - 6
  • Milestone 2: $150 for Steps 7 - 8.5
  • Milestone 3: $200 for Steps 9 - 12

How do I get an Education Award?

The Education Award is available to all eligible providers who achieve a Step 3 or higher on the Oregon Registry. Providers will receive one Education Award per Milestone.

  • Providers will receive only one award per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30)
  • Educational Awards take approximately 45 business days to be issued after an Oregon Registry Step is awarded.

Where is this money coming from and how long will it be around?

The criteria for Education Awards were established by a state level strategic investments partnership workgroup under the Oregon Commission for Child Care. Initial funding for this award came from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (economic stimulus) and is continuing because of support from The Oregon Community Foundation and the Child Care Tax Credit dollars. The state level public-private strategic investment workgroup established the plan for distribution of these funds and has identified strategies for the continuation of these Education Awards.