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Office Hours: 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday (Subject to closure based on PSU Operating Calendar)

Toll Free: (877) 725-8535 
(503) 725-8535
(503) 725-5430 

Mailing address:
Portland State University - OCCD
PO Box 751
Portland OR 97207-0751

Physical address:
University Center Building
527 SW Hall St, Suite 300
Portland OR 97201  


Name Position Phone Email
Pamela Deardorff Director 503-725-8535
Allison Adkins OCCD Main Line & Reception
General questions, form and material requests, a good place to start

503-725-8535 or
Oregon Registry Program
Sarah Myers Coordinator 503-725-8541
Jackie Jones Licensing Support and Training Verification 503-725-8506
Patsy Kohout Step Applications and Credentials 503-725-8536
Nick Hershkowitz Education Awards 503-725-8531
Slava Bakhanovich Office Support (оказание содействия русскоязычным заявителям) 503-725-8568
Heather Erwin Step Applications and Training Verification 503-725-8552
Sarah Scott Step Applications and Training Verification 503-725-8541
Thomas Waldo myORO Technical Assistance/Data Entry 503-725-8584
Crystal Donis-Leiva Step Application Processing (apoyo en español) 503-725-8268
Oregon Registry Trainer Program
Dee Wetzel Coordinator (apoyo en español) 503-725-8564
Sonia Thomas Trainer and Training Proposal Support 503-725-8542
Qiana Mullen Online Training and Trainer Logistic Support 503-725-8275
Lena Ko Trainer Support, Curriculum Development 503-725-8272
Kaysi Thompson Trainer, Scholarship, and DHS Enhanced Rate Data Support 503-725-8535
Scholarship Program
Slava Bakhanovich Scholarship Support (оказание содействия русскоязычным заявителям) 503-725-8568
DHS Enhanced Rate
Vacant DHS Enhanced Rate Support 503-725-8535
Data & Technology
Andrew Bremner Data and Technology Coordinator 503-725-8534
Jim Mignano IT & Data Specialist 503-725-8537
Eric Gallier Document Imaging & Program Support 503-725-8535
Allison Adkins Data Entry 503-725-8535
Todd Bayles Data Entry 503-725-8535
Tyler Karns Data Entry 503-725-8535
Tomo Neilson Data Entry 503-725-8535
Jamie Melara myORO Technical Assistance/Data Entry (apoyo en español) 503-725-8535
Cathin Yang Data Entry 503-725-8535
Oregon ASK Network
Beth Unverzagt Oregon Ask Coordinator 503-689-1656
OCCD General Support
Vacant Front Office/General Program Support 503-725-8535
Tracy Hensley Personnel/Administration/Fiscal Support 503-725-8532