Native American Student Services provides to Native American (N.A) and Alaskan Native (A.N) students services to support their academic success, including academic advising, guidance and referrals to appropriate student services.

Native American Student Services coordinates with the Diversity and Multicultural Student Services (D.M.S.S) offices; the Diversity Recognition Scholarship Program, the Native American Student and Community Center, the Student Support Services/Educational Opportunity Program, and the Tutoring Center as key services for the retention and success of the N.A/A.N students.

Native American Student Services

  • Provides advising, counseling, advocacy, and referral to appropriate student services and intervention assistance
  • Conducts Annual Financial Aid and Scholarship workshops. Assists students in their search for scholarships and with completing the application process
  • Provides leadership development opportunities and guidance to N.A/A.N students by involving them in numerous activities and internships throughout the year
  • Assists Native American student clubs on campus - United Indian Students in Higher Education (U.I.S.H.E), Pacific Islanders Club (P.I.C) and the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (A.I.S.E.S) - to provide connections to campus life
  • Coordinates services provided by Portland Urban Indian Programs and community organizations such as the Native American Youth Association (N.A.Y.A), Native American Rehabilitation Association (N.A.R.A), and the Title VII Indian Education Program to benefit of N.A/A.N students
  • Sponsors the yearly N.A/A.N Graduation Honor Day Ceremony and serves as liaison to American Indian/Alaskan Native Tribes and Pacific Islanders.



Participants engage in a two-week Connect Program & College Success Course prior to starting fall term to get a head start, connect with new students, peer mentors and learn about PSU resources that are essential to student success. Central themes to this two-week Connect Program & College Success Course includes exploring cultural identity, establishing community among incoming students, and learning strategies for academic success, such as study skills, time management, money management and effective communication. The college success course is designed specifically to addresses challenges that diverse students sometimes encounter.  The course will provide an overview of the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully transition to college. Students will: share their educational goals, personal strengths, and cultural norms; identify areas in which they may need support; and become familiar with support services and other resources on campus and in the community.

**Native American Student Services does not deal with booking/reserving of the Native American Student & Community Center. If you would like to make an inquiry, please visit The Native American Student & Community Center website.