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Explore topics in history, literature, film, language, culture and religion.

In the Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies we take the 3000 year old history and culture of the Jews as our point of departure for grappling with urgent human questions about justice and knowledge, tradition and change, and crisis and resilience. 

Courses of our program may be found under an array of departments including Judaic Studies (JST), and our affiliate departments: History (HST), Film Studies (FILM), English (ENG), and World Languages (WLL). Some courses are “cross-listed” with more than one department.

Course numbers that end in “U” may fulfill various “University Studies" cluster requirements.

Sampling of courses:

Jewish and Israeli Literature (JST/ENG 330U)

Historical Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (JST 324U)

Jewish History: Antiquity to 1000 CE (JST 317U/ HST 317U)

Jewish History: 1000 CE to Present (JST 318U/ HST 318U)

Pagans, Christians, and Jews (JST 378U / HST 378U)

Israeli Culture and Society (JST 333U)

Sex. Love and Gender in Israel (JST 335U)

The Jewish American Experience in Film (FILM 384U)

Hebrew Language courses


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Undergraduate students:

  • Consider the major and earn your BA in Judaic Studies. Learn more...
  • Add the Judaic Studies minor to your chosen major. Learn more...
  • Generous scholarships are available to majors and minors in Judaic Studies. Learn more…
  • Study abroad and local internship opportunities are available. Learn more...

Advanced undergraduate students and Judaic Studies majors or minors of academic distinction may set up special tutorials, internships, research projects, and by-arrangement courses, with the permission of a qualified instructor.

Post-Baccalaureate degree:

Already have a Bachelor's Degree? Interested in Judaic Studies coursework? Consider a post-bac. Explore an expedited path to earn an additional degree. Depending upon your background, you may be able to finish your degree in as little as one year. 

Certificate program:

Plans are underway to develop a professional development certificate program in the future. For more information please contact Natan Meir, department chair, at

Masters degree:

The Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies does not at present offer a Masters degree, but our faculty often advise MA students in the History Department who focus on Jewish history.

Lifelong learning:

Oregon residents aged 65 or older may audit our courses through the Senior Adult Learning Center.