Courses Overview

Explore topics in

history, literature, film, language, culture and religion.

Courses taught by Judaic Studies faculty may be found under an array of departments including Judaic Studies (JST), History (HST), Film Studies (FILM), English (ENG), and World Languages (WLL). Some courses are cross-listed with more than one department.

Course numbers that end in “U” may fulfill various University Studies cluster requirements.

Sampling of courses:

  • Jewish and Israeli Literature (JST/ENG 330U)
  • Historical Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (JST 324U)
  • Jewish History: Antiquity to 1000 CE (JST 317U/ HST 317U)
  • Jewish History: 1000 CE to Present (JST 318U/ HST 318U)
  • Pagans, Christians, and Jews (JST 378U / HST 378U)
  • Israeli Culture and Society (JST 333U)
  • Sex. Love and Gender in Israel (JST 335U)
  • The Jewish American Experience in Film (FILM 384U)
  • Hebrew Language courses

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