As a globally-engaged institution, Portland State University has many active and strategic partnerships around the world. Such partnerships are beneficial to the units engaged in them and also to the university as a whole.  International partnerships also create opportunities for PSU students and faculty to participate in learning, teaching, research and engagement around the world.

Because international partnership agreements can be complicated by university policy and respective laws of national governments, PSU monitors the process of making these agreements closely. The Provost has stated that all internationally-facing contracts and Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), as well as incoming delegatory visits to the President or Provost, are coordinated through the Office of International Partnerships in the Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Partnerships (OIP) has a wealth of information that can be helpful to units with their international partnerships and programming goals.  The Office of International Partnerships will also ensure that there is appropriate coordination with the Contracts and Procurements Office as well as with the General Counsel's office, as needed. 

To talk to us about current and potential partnerships, please contact Ron Witczak, Executive Director of Office of International Affairs or Sally Mudiamu, Director of International Partnerships and Initiatives.

The Office of International Partnerships works in cooperation with the Internationalization Council and Faculty Senate Ad-Hoc Committee on International Partnerships.