HON 404 Internships

Honors students have the opportunity to earn up to 8 credits for approved internships related to their major or intended career field.

Internships are a great chance to:

  • explore and define your professional life
  • gain experience for your resume
  • earn money and/or credit for your degree
  • develop a professional network
  • apply classroom learning in a professional and public context
  • hone existing skills and develop new ones
  • develop ideas and expertise to use in your Honors thesis

Four credit hours of HON 404 Internship corresponds to 100 hours of time completed in the internship over the course of the quarter. With approval, students may earn up to 8 credits in one quarter for a 200-hour internship or 2 credits for a 50 hours internship.

Completing an internship for credit is an optional part of the third year Honors curriculum, not a requirement. In addition to taking the required four-credit HON 407 Seminar, students can choose to fulfill the remaining 8 credits of Honors junior requirements by completing HON 401 Research credits, HON 404 Internship credits, additional HON 407 seminars, or by completing HON 407 seminars abroad. Some students may choose to carry out an internship and not earn academic credits for the experience.

Internship Registration & Approval Process

Students who intend to complete HON 404 Internship credits first register for the credits, then complete the online application form.  All students must apply for Honors College approval of their research proposal through the online application and receive approval to register prior to the start of the quarter.

While Honors will support students through the process of finding a position, students are responsible for finding their own internship experiences.

Students enrolled in HON 404 Internship must participate in an online D2L course led by Internship & Research Coordinator Jennifer Hoskins.  This online internship course will help you make the most of your internship by asking you to reflect on your experiences and develop a professional portfolio.

For questions contact Honors Internship & Research Coordinator Jennifer Hoskins.

To determine how your internship will help you complete your degree requirements, please contact Honors Advisor Brianna Avery.

Honors student in the field

Apply for Internship Credit

Students who intend to complete HON 404 Internship credits first register for the credits, then complete the application form.