Custodial Services

Facilities and Property Management provides custodial and janitorial services to the University through contracts with specialized custodial and janitorial service providers.

The PSU custodial contractors do not service individual, desk-side trash cans. Building occupants are responsible for emptying their own trash and recycling containers into centralized collection containers.

Personal Office Cleaning

Effective September 1st, 2017, personal offices will be cleaned over the first 5 working days of each month. Custodians work Sunday through Thursday nights. Service is not provided on Friday or Saturday. Depending on the number of offices on each floor, it may take multiple days to complete a given floor.  Desk side trash service is not  provided. The schedule linked below is our best estimate of when you can expect cleaning to occur in your building. Occasionally unforeseen events may alter this schedule.

Custodial Services Building Schedules

Custodial Task List

Custodial Services Include:

  • Unlocking of specified buildings and general pool/shared classrooms in the morning during the standard workweek
  • Vacuuming of carpets
  • Sweeping and damp-mopping of tiled and other hard-surfaced floors
  • Removal of trash from common area receptacles
  • Cleaning of classroom blackboards/erasers and resupply with chalk
  • Dusting
  • Throughout the day disinfection and product resupply in restrooms
  • Spot-cleaning/shampooing/extraction of carpets and upholstery
  • Waxing of tiled floors
  • Emergency cleanup due to spills and floods

Special services may be requested or oversights reported online at the Work Order Center or by calling the Work Order Center at 503-725-2349.

For After Hour custodial emergencies, please call: Campus Public Safety Office 503-725-5911.

Main Campus Personal Office Cleaning Schedule

Custodial and Janitorial Service Providers: Relay Resources provides custodial services for PSU campus buildings beginning May 2017.

Exclusions (due to property management services or related):

  • Academic and Student Recreation Center
  • Fourth Avenue Building
  • Unitus Building

Diversified Abilities provides janitorial services for:

  • Native American Student and Community Center
  • Parkmill Building
  • Simon Benson House
  • The Helen Gordon Child Development Center
  • University Center Building