Our Mission:

The Maseeh College Ambassadors are a team of engineering and computer science students who lead tours, lab visits, and hands-on activities for the purpose of visualizing STEM in action and the diverse people who do it. Our goal is to broaden awareness of what Maseeh College has to offer the local community, while encouraging future students to consider earning an engineering or computer science degree from Portland State University.


Join us for a tour at Maseeh College and you’ll see students working on challenging capstone projects, studying for a quiz, and dedicating their spare time to the real work: contributing to the Maseeh College community through student groups. We also engage with youth through hands-on activities aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and can visit schools during holiday breaks. Since Fall 2016, we’ve welcomed over 2,000 guests to campus.

Our Values: 

  • Inclusion
    We fiercely believe anyone can become an engineer. From civil to software, the best engineering innovations are designed by diverse and inclusive teams.
  • Community
    Our Ambassadors strive to strengthen the MCECS community by engaging with students both inside and outside of PSU. We’re one of the most easily accessible and affordable universities located in the largest city in the state. Our doors are wide open and we’d like to invite you in.
  • Leadership
    Ambassadors represent the Maseeh College in a personal, authentic, and trustworthy manner. Ambassadors take initiative to get involved within the PSU community and are genuinely interested in sharing our experiences and knowledge with current and future PSU students interested in STEM.
  • Growth
    Engineers are touted as problem solvers, but we don’t get there overnight. As problem solvers, Ambassadors cultivate strong communication skills, creatively engage students, and take pride in the work we do, both as individuals and when working on a team.

To learn more about joining the Student Ambassador team please contact Joyce Pieretti, Recruitment, Diversity, and Retention Coordinator.