Mary C. King, Ph.D.

photo of Mary C. King

Emerita Professor of Economics

Ph.D. 1991 University of California, Berkeley 
Rhodes Scholar, Industrial Relations, 1980-81, Oxford University
B.A. 1979 Stanford University 



Community Activities
Vice-President, Oregon Center for Public Policy
Co-Chair,  Oregon Chapter, Scholars Strategy Network
Columnist, Street Smart Economics, Street Roots

Research Interests

State and Local Economic Policies
Family Policy
Economic Inequality
Mexican Migration to the U.S.
Mexican Women in the U.S. Economy
The Social Aspect of Sustainability
The Dynamics of Ethnicity and Gender in the Labor Market and Economy
Student Debt Policy

Teaching Fields

Economics of Labor Markets
Labor Institutions and Policies
Graduate Course in Social Sustainability
Women in the Economy
Economics of Race and Ethnicity
History of Economic Thought
Principle of Macroeconomics
The Economic Context of Mexican Migration
American Economic History
Economics Department Seminar

Research and Publications

Oregon’s Unmet Child Care Needs.  It’s Time to Invest: Our Future Depends on It.  With Lisa Dodson.  September 2019.  Family Forward Oregon.

The Impact on Oregonians of the Rise of Irregular Scheduling.  with Ellen Scott and Raahi Reddy.  February, 2017.  University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center.

Oregon’s Care Economy: The Case for Public Investment. with Laura J. Dresser and Raahi Reddy.  January, 2017. University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center and COWS, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

“El Impacto de la Reforma de Inmigración Estadounidense a nivel Estatal en Migrantes Mexicanos Indocumentados: la Pérdida de Acceso a Licencias de Manejo en Oregon”  (The Impact of State-Level Immigration Reform on Undocumented Mexican Immigrants:  Loss of Access to Driver’s Licenses in Oregon)  with Anabel López Salinas, John G. Corbett, Rafael Reyes Morales, Alicia Silvia Gijion Cruz and Kimberly Williams. 2014. Frontera Norte  26 (52): 55-84.

Assessment of the Socio-economic Impacts of SB 1080 on Immigrant Groups:  Final Report  SR 500-270.   with John G. Corbett, John Chiappetta, Anabel López Salinas.  June 2011.  Oregon Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration. Salem, Oregon. 

“Beyond Market-Fundamentalist Economics:  An Agenda for Heterodox Economics to Change the Dominant Narrative.”  with Tae-Hee Jo and Lynne Chester. 2012  On the Horizon  20 (3): 155-163.

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