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Minor in International Economics


To earn a minor in International Ecooomics, a student must complete 28 credits (12 credits of which must be taken in residence at PSU), to include the following:

Required Courses:
EC 201, 202 Principles of Economics
EC 340 International Economics 4
EC 350U Economics of Developing Countries 4
Total: 16
Upper Division Economics Electives Chosen From: 16 
EC 440 International Trade Theory and Policy 4
EC 441 International Monetary Theory and Policy 4
EC 442 The Multinational Enterprise in the World Economy  4
EC 445 Comparative Economic Systems  4
EC 447 Economics of Transition  4
EC 448 East Asian Economic Development  4
EC 450 Development Economics  4
Total Elective Credits:

Courses taken under the undifferentiated grading option (pass/no pass) are not acceptable towards fulfilling department minor requirements.

Periodically, international-orientated classes are offered under the EC 410 designation, particularly in summer term. Students are welcome to propose courses these as upper-division electives in the International Economics Minor.

If you are graduating using a catalogue earlier than Fall 2014, the requirements for the Minor in International Economics have changed. If you would like to obtain a Minor in International Economics using these criteria, please contact the undergraduate adviser to arrange for exceptions to be made.