Living Walls Provide Shade, Beauty . . . and Data The green walls in the Plaza quietly provide a wealth of information to Metro and PSU School of Architecture researchers
Hosted by the School of Architecture at Portland State University, the Shattuck Hall Ecological Learning Plaza is an innovative outdoor laboratory that also serves as a delightful new public garden.

The Shattuck Hall Ecological Learning Plaza is a facility dedicated to research in sustainable building practices while engaging the public and encouraging community interaction.

The Plaza's current project features several green wall systems, green roof systems, demonstration landscapes and original furniture design. This project consists of vertical gardens, experimental sloped green roof, solar panels and permeable paving. These ecological building components will be a part of on-going research that will include analyzing improved urban ecology,  on-site energy generation and storm water mitigation. The work in the plaza has been created by PSU students in Architecture, Engineering and the Green Building Research Lab, in collaboration with design and engineering professionals, manufacturers and public agencies. 

Over time, the Plaza will become a space for further research and experimentation with other building materials and methods.  

We encourage you to pay a visit to the Shattuck Hall Ecological Learning Plaza and see our research while learning more about green building practices.