Smart Trees Collaboratory

Portland skyline

The Digital City Testbed Center (DCTC) is partnering with researchers from within and outside PSU to understand and monitor the health of urban trees in Portland and their impact on human health and wellbeing. The Smart Trees Collaboratory includes faculty members, students, and researchers from PSU, Reed College, Washington State University-Vancouver, and The Nature Conservancy in Oregon, working on shared projects that utilize sensors and LiDAR data to monitor a range of measurements, including temperature, humidity, and air quality, to better understand urban tree health and how to preserve it.

Discovery Trees

The Discovery Trees project uses sensors placed high in tree canopies to monitor temperature, moisture, air quality, and other measurements and help track the health of urban trees. Reed College postdoc researcher Hannah Prather took PSU reporters up high to discuss this project.

Researchers discuss Smart Trees project with KGW

Professors Todd Rosenstiel and Paul Loikith of PSU and Aaron Ramirez of Reed College spoke with KGW about the need to protect urban trees and the potential impacts of climate change.