Increasing Accessibility

man with guide dog

Improving Accessibility

The Digital City Testbed Center (DCTC) is working with faculty researchers on a variety of accessibility-focused projects from seamless indoor and outdoor wayfinding to digital mapping. The goal is to help people with disabilities navigate the urban environment safely, efficiently, and independently, because smart cities are accessible cities. DCTC is also a sponsor of the annual Mobility Matters summit, which highlights ways to increase transportation and education accessibility for people with disabilities.

A 3-D model of the blacksmith shop at Fort Vancouver.

Mobility Matters Annual Summit

Sponsored by DCTC and hosted by PSU College of Education’s Orientation & Mobility and Visually Impaired Learning programs, this summit highlights transportation and education accessibility for people with disabilities. In 2021, hundreds of students attended a virtual field trip to Fort Vancouver.

Person in wheelchair

Accessible Wayfinding

PSU professors Martin Swobodzinski and Amy Parker are laying the groundwork for digital apps that will help travelers of all abilities navigate indoors and out. They are mapping the PSU campus recording everything from the width of the walkway inside buildings to the slope of the sidewalks outside.