Client Highlights

Who We Work With

CES has worked with many of the businesses that represent the culture of Portland. CES has worked with public agencies including the City of Portland, Metro, and Bonneville Power Administration to help manage offices, warehouses, and other facilities to efficiently manage their waste diversion programs. From local food staples like Tillamook creamery to globally known outfitters like Nike and KEEN, CES has helped each of its clients to improve their waste management practices and move towards a greener future.

Oregon Metro

The Portland metropolitan area is one of the few urban regions in the country with its own municipal oversight not drawn by a single county or city line. Encompassing the three counties and 24 cities, Metro maintains some of Portland’s largest public buildings and event spaces including the Portland Expo Center, the Oregon Convention Center, and the Oregon Zoo. We have worked extensively with Metro to conduct a series of waste assessments on several of their office and event spaces to provide detailed data about waste practices and help to improve waste diversion rates. Metro partnered with us because we were able to give them detailed data about the waste practices for many different venues and spaces for a long-term reporting process.



One of the most iconic and well-known sportswear and fashion brands in the world, Nike’s world headquarters is located just outside of Portland, Oregon. This expansive facility sprawls 286 acres with more than 75 buildings ranging from restaurants to offices to gyms and testing facilities. In 2014, CES worked with Nike headquarters sustainability services manager to conduct a materials assessment and financial impact analysis to calculate disposal costs and improve proper disposal practices in four of the buildings on the campus. We were approached by Nike because we have experience analyzing waste data and auditing it to find areas to improve waste management efficiency. 



KEEN, an environmentally focused footwear brand, has been in Portland since its founding in 2003. We worked to provide a detailed analysis of their landfill and commingled recycling composition to provide a snapshot of the daily activities of their factory and offices. KEEN places an emphasis on making a positive difference in the Portland community through supporting non-profit organizations and shoe donations. KEEN cares about reducing the environmental impact of its products and making the best product they can with the properly sourced materials. They approached us to help them follow this same high standard for their waste practices in their Portland headquarters. We were able to help them improve their waste management practices and provide ideas for improving their office environment to match their business ethics. 


Portland State University

We have worked with the Campus Sustainability Office to maintain LEED certifications for many buildings on campus. From residence halls to class and office buildings, Portland State University has 15 LEED-certified buildings on campus. Portland State has been committed to integrating green operations and management practices into all new buildings and major renovations, which has allowed for a progressive integration of green infrastructure into campus buildings over time. We have performed waste assessments for the Urban Center and Smith Building multiple times to maintain their LEED status, and have plans to continue helping the recertification process of several buildings in the coming year. 


City of Portland

Portland is a regional hotspot for green development, and the City of Portland has many properties with LEED certification and green infrastructure. We have helped certify and maintain certifications on several properties in partnership with the City, including public containers, several park properties, City Hall, and the Portland building. It is important to monitor public behavior for parks and public receptacles to have some insight into how the general public manages divertable waste. With this information, the City is able to focus its public education efforts, update signage, and efficiency placement of cans to help improve the diversion rate of our public spaces to keep Portland clean and green.


Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)

The BPA is a nonprofit organization that helps manage energy use and distribution in the Northwest. We have worked extensively with them to help manage their waste at several of their regional offices in Portland and Vancouver as well as their construction services and warehouse buildings. BPA has worked with us time and time again to better understand their waste stream and to improve their operations practices at many of their facilities. As a power distribution firm, BPA is committed to efficiency and to public service which includes responsible waste management and diversion.