Leadership Team The CJPRI leadership team assembles researchers with a diverse set of skills and experience.
Independent, Objective Research on Crime, Criminal Justice, and Policy

The Criminal Justice Policy Research Institute (CJPRI) strives to promote informed decision-making on the complex issues related to crime prevention, crime control, and the criminal justice process. Its goal is to provide policymakers and the public with research and empirical guidance that is objective, practical, rigorous, and evidence- and theory-based to advance efficient, effective, and equitable policy and practice in the field of criminal justice. Faculty from the Criminology and Criminal Justice Department at Portland State University comprise the core research expertise of CJPRI. CJPRI is housed within the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government in the College of Urban and Public Affairs. CJPRI researchers employ a wide variety of methodological and statistical approaches that deliver advanced analyses of important program and policy questions.

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