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About CES

We are a service provider

Community Environmental Services (CES) helps businesses, government agencies, and institutions in the Portland area understand the content and source of waste they produce and how to manage that waste more sustainably and cost-effectively through reducing, reusing, composting, and recycling.

We do comprehensive, hands-on research to give you a clear picture of your organization’s waste stream and the impact it has on the environment and your organization’s costs. (Yes, by “hands on” we mean that our research often involves sorting through trash—but we don’t mind.)

We identify opportunities for improving waste management and make data-based recommendations for improvements.

We design and implement waste management programs that fit your organization. We can even run your program for you, short or long term.

We are funded by fees we charge for our services. We are a nonprofit organization; all fees support continuation of our program. We are part of Portland State University (PSU), in the College of Urban and Public Affairs’ Center for Urban Studies. PSU’s role is to teach, do research, and serve the community. We serve that mission:

  • We put knowledge to work to serve the community by finding sustainable solutions to real-world problems. 
  • We research waste management challenges that real organizations face. We test solutions, and contribute best practices to the waste management field. 
  • We educate by hiring students to do supervised work, including research, project management, and outreach. You will benefit from students’ up-to-date knowledge, and will also help students prepare for jobs where they will advance the mission of sustainability.