PSU Bike Challenge



The 2019 PSU Bike Challenge is on!

Great job to everyone who participated this year! We came in second in Portland's city-wide BikeMore Challenge - meaning Portland State University logged the second most miles in town and also the whole state. 

What is it?

The PSU Bike Challenge is a month-long challenge designed to encourage both new and experienced riders to ride their bike as much as possible in the month of May. There are a million reasons to participate. Health incentives? Check. Fabulous prizes? Check. Bragging rights? Check. You're going to want to get in on this. Registration opens soon - keep an eye out for a campus-wide email from PSU Bike Hub!

How does it work?

PSU departments compete against each other to see who can get the most students and staff to ride a bike between May 1st and May 30th.

The competition is based on the number of people taking part, and people encouraged, not just how far or fast you can ride. The departments that get the highest percentage participation (for their size category) win a prize.

The Challenge is not just about who can ride the most miles, but who can encourage the most people to give bicycling in May a try.

Can I borrow a bike?

You betcha! Stop by the PSU Bike Hub (1818 SW 6th Ave) to rent out one of our VikeBikes for free for the month of May!

Also, Portland's bike share system Biketown is free for the month of May! Click here for more info on how to take advantage of this.

How do I log my trips?

For automatic trip logging, we recommend using the Ride Report app. Ride Report runs in the background of your phone so you never have to tell it when you're riding. Once you sync the app with your profile on the PSU Challenge website we'll get your data and update your stats automatically as you ride!

You can also log a ride on the Challenge website from your profile page using the 'Add a Ride' tab. Or you can also download the Love to Ride App for Android and iPhone.

How do I win prizes?

Earn badges for completing different milestones and you can win prizes from sponsors around Portland. In addition, every trip logged on the website or app is an automatic entry into our weekly prize drawing. Winners will be announced via email and on the Challenge website. Attend our Kick-Off Party and Awards Ceremony where we will also be raffling away prizes.

Just be sure to log all of your rides by Friday each week in order to be eligible for prizes.

More questions?

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