We sell a variety of bicycles at the Bike Hub, from city cruisers to race-ready 

Purchasing a Bike

Each new bike purchase includes:

  • 15% discount off additional purchases with the bike for those ineligible for a Bike Hub membership
  • Free installation of accessories purchased with the bike
  • Free "30 Day Checkup" to make sure everything is running smoothly

We carry a large variety of bicycles. Stop in to the Bike Hub to see our full line of available cruisers, road bikes, commuters, and more! We also sell a wide range of gear, clothing, helmets, and apparel. You can find bikes that are currently in stock at the Bike Hub as well as their price below.

Yuba Spicy Curry bike for sale, it costs $4500
Raleigh Willard 2 bicycle
Raleigh Redux two bicycle, it costs $680
Raleigh Amelia 1 Bicycle, it cost $800.
Raleigh Willard 3 bicycle, it cost $1300
Raleigh Cadent 1, it costs $450
Raleigh Cadent 2, it costs $550
Salsa Journeyman 650B Claris
Batch E-Bike for sale