TriMet Trip Planner

The "Trip Planner" feature, available on the TriMet app and website, is a brand new multi-modal tool with an available option for bike route planning. You can adjust each route recommendation based on three factors: quickness, flatness, and safety. Check it out.

Metro Bike There! Map

This newly updated regional map covers everywhere you need to go in the Portland region. In the new edition, find maps with suitability ratings of routes for downtown Portland and 55 other local cities. The new map features more routes – a total of 1,008 miles of on-street bike routes and 550 miles of off-street trails in communities in every part of the region. Check out the interactive online version here and download the KMZ file here.

Google Maps

Want help finding a good bike route to PSU? Google Maps now includes a bicycling feature for directions.

Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Visit Google Maps
  2. At the top left of the page, select "Get Directions"
  3. Click on the Bicycle icon
  4. Enter your home address or starting location
  5. Enter your destination address
  6. Click Get Directions

Regional Biking Maps

Adobe Reader is required to view the following maps. Download the free version of Adobe Reader here.