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Department & Event Parking

If you're hosting an event in which you expect many attendees to drive, or are planning a guest speaker that you'd like to reserve parking for, we can help!

Submit your event request online here.  

Department and Event Parking Options
Make sure you are working from within your PSU Google account when submitting an event request. All event requests must be submitted with at least 24 hours notice. If you're not affiliated with PSU, please e-mail us to discuss options available to you.

If you'd like to pay for parking for your guests and you're affiliated with PSU, here are a few options for reservations and payment:

  • Coupon Code Parking
    We provide a coupon code to be entered at a PSU meter for your guest. You may choose to have your code open for one day, or the whole year! Billing is based on actual number of code entries used.
  • Guest List Parking
    Provide a list of attendees that will be given to the parking attendant at the location of your choice. Charges are based on number of permits issued. Available in locations with an attendant on duty when guest arrives.  
  • By Invitation
    Allow parking attendant to issue complimentary permits to individuals who arrive with an invitation to the event or those who state they are attending the event. You will be billed based on number of permits issued. Available in locations in with an attendant on duty when guest arrives.
  • Custom Permits
    Have a custom parking permit created by our staff, which you can then distribute to guests. Charges are based on permits distributed.
  • Purchase in advance
    Purchase 'Scratchoff Permits'. These permits can be given to guests in advance. Guests are required to scratch off the date the permit is being used and place it in vehicle. Scratchoff Permits cannot be issued from the parking kiosk, and must instead be delivered by you to your guest before they arrive.

 Please note: Each driver uses PSU's parking facilities at their own risk and responsibility.