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2nd Annual ESM Alumni Mixer at Overlook Park

2nd Annual ESM Alumni Mixer at Overlook Park

Urban Forestry, Air Quality, and Human Health

Urban Forestry, Air Quality, and Human Health
Professor George and her associates assess the relationships among trees, nitrogen dioxide and respiratory health in Portland. Their work has been published in “Environmental Pollution”.

Climate Change and Forest Ecosystem Dynamics

Climate Change and Forest Ecosystem Dynamics
Professor Scheller received a 4-yr NSF grant to assess the potential for a climate change-driven critical transition from forest to chaparral in the Klamath Ecoregion of Oregon and California.

Department Highlights

Joey PetersJoey Peters, MS student in Dr. Elise Granek lab, received Robert E. Malouf Marine Studies Scholarship (2014-2015) to assess the effects of fluoxetine (i.e. Prozac) on the California mussel, Mytilus Californianus, to determine if environmentally relevant concentrations are affecting mussel physiology and their susceptibility to predation.

Jacinda Mainord

Jacinda Mainord, Ph.D student in Dr. Linda George's lab, was awarded an American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) Lighting the Pathway to Faculty Careers for Natives in STEM.

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The Oregon Lake Watch program is looking for volunteers to survey for aquatic invasive species and monitor water quality in our lakes, ponds and reservoirs. More information HERE.

Department Events

ESM 2014 Winter E-News Letter

ESM 2014 Spring E-News Letter

Department Publications

Dresner, M., Handelman, C., Braun, S., Rollwagen-Bollens, G 2014. Environmental identity, pro-environmental behaviors, and civic engagement of volunteer stewards in Portland area parks. Environmental Education Research DOI 10.1080/13504622.2014.964188.

Dresner, M. Using teachers’ quantitative models to capture changes in understanding
resulting from research experiences. ACTA CIENTíFIC 26(3), 3-12.

Moldenke, A., Dresner, M., Kirkpatrick, S., Cooper, S., Soule, K. 2014 A cross-site litter decomposition study with teacher-scientists partnerships. ACTA CIENTíFIC 26(3), 13-26.

*ESM Graduate student
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