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ESM Student Received NSF Fellowship

ESM Student Received NSF Fellowship
Ariana Chiapella, a PhD student in Environmental Science and Management, was recently awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

Manage Forest Fire Risk

Manage Forest Fire Risk
Professor Scheller received a grant from the Joint Fire Science Program to manage fire and fuel treatments using landscape-scale simulations models.

Research Highlights

Rob Scheller picProfessor Scheller along with co-investigators Mark Johnson (EPA-Corvallis, OR), Steve LeDuc (EPA-DC), and Melissa Lucash, received a $192,000 grant to extrapolate LiDAR and carbon data to predict and manage the consequences of climate change in Pacific Northwest forests.

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Department Events

Annual Environmental Science and Management Alumni Lecture
Wednesday, April 30
Smith Memorial Student Union 327/328
ESM 2014 Winter News Letter
End of the Year Celebration & Awards Ceremony
Friday, June 13, 2014, 1-3pm
SMSU 238

Department Publications

Mark Sytsma, et al. 2014. Phenotypic Plasticity of Invasive Spartina Densiflora (Poaceae) along a broad latitudinal gradient on the Pacific Coast of North America. American Journal of Botany 101(3): 448–458. 2014.

Melissa S. Lucash, Robert M. Scheller, Alec M. Kretchun, Kenneth L. Clark, and John Hom. 2014. Impacts of fire and climate change on long-term nitrogen availability and forest productivity in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.  Can. J. For. Res. 44: 404–412.

Matthew  Duveneck*, Robert Scheller, Mark White, Stephen Handler, and Catherine Ravenscroft. 2014. Climate change effects on northern Great Lake (USA) forests: A case for preserving diversity.  Ecosphere 5(2):23

Angela Strecker and Julian Olden. 2014. Fish Species Introductions Provide Novel Insights into the Patterns and Drivers of Phylogenetic Structure in Freshwaters. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 281: 20133003.

Alan Yeakley, et al. (eds.) 2014. Wild Salmonids and the Urbanizing Pacific Northwest.   Springer, 270pp.

Joshua Caplan* and Alan Yeakley. 2013 Functional Morphology Underlies Performance Differences Among Invasive and Non-Invasive Ruderal Rubus Species. Oecologia 173: 363-374

Chris Mongeon*, Elise Granek   & Randall Arauz. 2013. Hook Selectivity in an Artisanal Spotted Rose Snapper Lutjanus guttatus Fishery on the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Marine and Coastal Fisheries: Dynamics, Management, and Ecosystem Science 5 (1):270-80.

*ESM Graduate students






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