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BB403 Strategic Craft Beverage Marketing

Certificate Track: The Business of Craft Brewing

This non-credit course covers the concepts and techniques required for marketing craft beverages. Market analysis, targeting strategy, brand development, and pricing will all be explored as parts of an overall marketing strategy. We will also discuss digital marketing communications and distribution strategies, as well as planning for direct customer interactions - including tours, pubs, tastings and sales. By the end of this course you will have developed a marketing and sales strategy for your business plan plus practical knowledge of digital marketing tools to help you succeed. 

 What You Cover

  • The market for craft beverages including key market drivers
  • The key market segments and how they relate to product mix and branding decisions
  • Pricing strategy for wholesale and retail channels 
  • Appropriate packaging and government approvals
  • Developing a marketing strategy including grassroots and social media campaigns

Cost: $699

Notes: This course has no prerequisites and can be taken before BB401 and BB402. It is fully online, and students receive emails a few days prior to the course start with login instructions. 

Instructor: Nate Young

Nate Young Center for Executive and Professional Education Portland State University School of Business Strategic Craft Beverage Marketing CEPENate Young has worn many hats in his 2 1/2 years as Sustainability Manager at Hopworks Urban Brewery. Significant achievements at Hopworks include revamping the brewery's sustainability-focused webpages, and development and promotion of the first and subsequent HUB sustainability reports. Prior to joining Hopworks, Nate played a marketing role for a number of organizations including Brightworks, a green building consultancy. Nate holds an MBA from Portland State University and a BS in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University.

Applies towards the following certificate:
The Business of Craft Brewing

Interested in bringing this program to your organization? Contact Michelle Giovannozzi.