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Trademark Licensing

Portland State authorizes the use of the University’s name and logos on merchandise through a formal licensing and trademark program administered in partnership with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC).


Vendors interested in producing merchandise with the University’s trademark must become a licensed vendor through the Collegiate Licensing Company.

Types of CLC Licenses

The CLC Consortium offers the following licenses to companies interested in producing licensed merchandise. All license applications are subject to the approval of the individual institutions.

Standard License

A Standard License is available to companies that wish to manufacture collegiate products (for resale) for six or more institutions, and is typically reserved for larger manufacturers with well-established production, distribution, and marketing capabilities. Here's a list of standard licensees with their addresses.

Local License

A Local License is available to smaller companies that wish to manufacture collegiate product (for resale) for up to five in-state institutions, and do not have plans to expand significantly beyond those local institutions. Here's a list of local licensees with their addresses.

Internal Campus Supplier

The Internal Campus Supplier license allows a company to produce merchandise bearing the trademarks of collegiate institutions for university departments and related entities for internal consumption only.  Sales must be categorized as royalty exempt by the individual institution. Sales to university bookstores, alumni associations, student groups and/or other university entities not included on the approved distribution list are not permitted. In addition, internal campus suppliers cannot sell to any entity if the product will be resold and/or used for promotional purposes (gift-with-purchase) or fundraising.


Retailers are granted the right to sell PSU trademarked merchandise that is purchased through a CLC vendor with a Standard or Local license.

Retailers in the Portland Metro area are: