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Marketing manages Portland State University's brand and leads integrated marketing strategies to inspire enrollment and support for the University.

Need help achieving your marketing goals? Contact us for advice or explore links to resources below.


All advertising in mass media must be approved. We recommend contacting us in the planning stage of your advertising project. We can advise you on strategy and possibly offer you design ideas and resources.  

Brand Messaging Framework

Portland State's Brand Messaging Framework gives campus stakeholders a way to build key messages for a variety of target audiences. It leverages findings from quantitative and qualitative research to prioritize messages, it unifies the institution’s voice, provides clarity on the priority proof points, and rinses the institution’s key messages through the approved strategic positioning.

The following target audiences are included:

  • Prospective and current undergraduate students
  • Prospective graduate students
  • Alumni
  • Donors
  • Parents and Counselors
  • Influencers and Employers
  • Faculty and Staff

Branded Merchandise

University departments and student groups who would like to produce merchandise using University’s name and logos are required to purchase from formally licensed vendors. Learn more >>

Business Cards, Letterhead and Envelopes

Use our online ordering system to order business cards, letterhead, and envelopes (opens new window).

Campus Communicators Google Group

Join the PSU-Communicators-Group to pose questions, share communication strategies and receive brand identity related announcements.

Campus Event Promotion

See tips on ways to effectively promote your campus event in this PSU Google document. There are many tools across the PSU campus that departments can use to promote events and share announcements.

Campus Signage

University Communications helps to facilitate four locations for the display of vinyl banners on campus.  The locations are: the Distance Learning Center (DLC), Parking Structure 3, and two sky bridges over SW Broadway. Contact Tracy Weber to request a banner installation.

Design Templates 

Poster, flyer, powerpoint and other design templates are available on our online portal, PhotoShelter. To request download access, please contact Brett Forman.

Digital Marketing

If you are planning to implement paid online strategies to generate interest in your program please coordinate with PSU’s digital marketing and recruiting experts to assure you meet your goals, get the most out of your budget, and leverage the university’s brand identity. Learn More >>

Display Materials

Check out PSU display items that can be used at events and trade shows, including table drapes, podium sign, pop-up exhibit display, table-top display, flag, and more. 

Email Signature

Learn how to add a standard PSU email signature to your PSU Gmail account. Follow our Email Signature Instructions.

Embolden Brand Marketing

As part of PSU's brand marketing campaign investment in 2020 and 2021 that shines a light on PSU's compelling story, sharpens the university's image and helps PSU better compete for students in a more crowded local market, marketing and communications tools and templates that reflect the new Embolden campaign look and feel are available to the PSU community.  Log into your PSU ODIN account and visit the Embolden Tools and Templates website.

Integrated Marketing Council

Connect with members of the Integrated Marketing Council who serve as a leadership team that helps advance an integrated approach to campus-wide marketing communications.

Marketing Communication Planning Worksheet

As you promote your campus unit, we encourage you to use the marketing communication planning worksheet and tools provided on this site so that all your communication incorporates the University's visual identity and key messages. Contact Tracy Weber for access to the planning worksheet.


Download the PSU logo. For school, college, or department logos please go to PhotoShelter. To request download access, please contact Brett Forman.

PSU Brand Images

Looking for a campus shot? Best photos of PSU? Please visit our online portal, PhotoShelter. Photos are key worded so you can easily search for what you need. To request download access, please contact Brett Forman.

Photograph/Video Consent form

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For Groups

Portland State of Mind Tools

Learn more about Portland State of Mind via this internal Google website (you must be signed in to your PSU account to access).

Style Guide

The Portland State University Style Guide is intended for those responsible for creating communication materials for Portland State University, from student information packets, to website content and more. Great brands are instantly recognizable, stand for something, and speak a common language, even when they speak to different audiences. Brands build strong bonds with their audiences through consistency.

The Portland State University Brand is much more than a logo or history. Our brand is what students, parents, faculty, alumni, peers, and outside observers all think, feel, and respond to when they encounter anything and everything Portland State University.

By using established brand standards, our look and feel will remain consistent. The boldness of our brand is transferable between various media formats, flexing naturally across digital, print, social, mobile, and web. Maintaining a strong, unified voice ensures that our brand won’t be diluted or misconstrued. Amid the complexities that make up Portland State University, there are very few times that we ask our community to be single-minded.


  • Personality & tone
  • Creative platform
  • Audiences
  • Brand Voice
  • Identity System
  • Design DNA
  • Typography
  • Type Applications
  • Color
  • Color Applications
  • Graphic Elements
  • Photo Treatment
  • Photography

Trademark Licensing

Portland State authorizes the use of the University’s name and logos on merchandise through a formal licensing and trademark program administered in partnership with CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company). Learn More >>