Marketing manages Portland State University's brand and leads integrated marketing strategies to inspire enrollment and support for the University.

Need help achieving your marketing goals? Contact us for advice or explore links to resources below.

Marketing Communication Planning Worksheet

As you promote your campus unit, we encourage you to use the marketing communication planning worksheet and tools provided on this site so that all your communication incorporates the University's visual identity and key messages.


All advertising in mass media must be approved. We recommend contacting us in the planning stage of your advertising project. We can advise you on strategy and possibly offer you design ideas and resources.  

Display Materials

Check out PSU display items that can be used at events and trade shows, including table drapes, podium sign, pop-up exhibit display, table-top display, flag, and more. 

Campus Event Promotion

See tips on ways to effectively promote your campus event in this PSU Google document. There are many tools across the PSU campus that departments can use to promote events and share announcements.

Campus Signage

University Communications helps to facilitate four locations for the display of vinyl banners on campus.  The locations are: the Distance Learning Center (DLC), Parking Structure 3, and two sky bridges over SW Broadway.

Integrated Marketing Council

Connect with members of the Integrated Marketing Council who serve as a leadership team that helps advance an integrated approach to campus-wide marketing communications.

Campus Communicators Google Group

Join the PSU-Communicators-Group to pose questions, share communication strategies and receive brand identity related announcements.

Portland State of Mind Tools

Learn more about this year's Portland State of Mind celebration via this internal Google website (you must be signed in to your PSU account to access).

Our Work

University Communications and the marketing team lead strategic initiatives and collaborates with campus partners on integrated projects.