Display Materials

Resources for use when representing Portland State University

Thank you for representing Portland State University at conferences, events and recruitment fairs.

There are several display materials available to check out to the campus community (students, faculty and staff).

The display items may be reserved ahead of time. When checked out, the person who is taking the materials must sign them out and give a date when they will be returned. If the items are damaged or lost, the department checking them out is responsible for the cost or replacement/repair. Please fill out a Display Material Checkout form to reserve the equipment you want to use at your event. If any item you request is all ready reserved for another event, you will be notified by email.

Please contact Tracy Weber at webert@pdx.edu or 503-725-8555 to reserve any display or giveaway items.

Display materials available for checkout

Fearless large exhibit display – 4 curved panels (7.5 ft. high, 2 ft. deep, 10 ft. wide)

Portland State large media backdrop – curved panel (10 ft. high, 2 ft. deep, 20 ft. wide)

Portland State large media backdrop


PSU vinyl banners (green or white background)

  • 9'w x 3’h banner 
  • 6'w x 2'h banner 
  • 2'w x 3'h banner

3x9 vinyl banner (white lettering on PSU green)

Standing standing banners (6 are available at a time) (78.75” high x 33.5” wide). Below are the faculty available on these banners (click on name to see banner)

Let Knowledge Serve Banners

Pegah Alavi
Branden Harvey
Cuong Nguyen
Kelsey Priest
Valeria Trejo-Vasquez
Juan Baldaras-Villagrana

Equipment available for checkout

Table drapes w/logo (4)- Black drape (30” x 66”) with White runner (4.76” high x 23.85” wide)

    table drapes with logo

    Podium signs (for off-campus events)

    • 11” x  29” – black sign with white lettering and PSU green logo
    • 6” x 18” – black sign with white lettering and PSU green logo

      various podium signs


      • Table-top easel (1.2 ft.)
      • Instant display easels (5.3 ft. – holds up to 10 lbs)
      • Instant display easels (5.3 ft. – holds more than 10 lbs)

        table-top easel           display easel

        Flip Cam (5)

          Flip Cam

          Flexible Flip Cam tripod (1)

            flexible Flip Cam tripod

            Flip Cam USB cable (3)

              USB cable for Flip Cam