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Get Online-Ready!


Are you considering taking online courses at PSU? Or maybe you’ve already registered for an online course, but you want to know what to expect. We have many resources to support you!

  • Online courses at PSU are taught through D2L, our learning management system. If you’ve used D2L previously, you may recognize many aspects of the system. If you haven’t used D2L before, don’t worry! We have resources to help you get comfortable learning in D2L. 

Students often underestimate the time commitment required for online courses.

  • On average, you can expect to spend 3 hours per week completing learning activities and studying for each credit hour of an online course. For example, if you’re taking a 4-credit online course, you can expect to spend 12 hours per week learning and studying for that course. 

Enroll in Learning + Online!


Learning + Online is a free, self-paced tutorial designed to help you get ready to take online courses. The tutorial is built in D2L, the same system in which you'll take your online courses at PSU. The tutorial covers things like maintaining motivation, developing time management strategies, navigating PSU resources and services, and brushing up your tech skills. Completing the tutorial should take about 1 hour.

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(Open only to current PSU students with a current Odin.) 


Get Online Help!


Academic Advising

Your relationship with our academic advising team starts before you enroll and continues all the way through graduation. Contact an academic advisor to make sure you choose the right online degree and online courses to achieve your academic and career goals.

Technology Support

We'll ensure that technology empowers you academically. Access our online student tech support when you have questions about online security, connection speed, hardware or software, or any related issue.

Career Services

Trying to find an internship? Preparing a job search? Exploring grad school options? Weighing your career options? Online students can make use of our career services or contact experienced career advisors at the department offering your online program.


Online Tutoring

Portland State's well-respected tutoring program includes online peer-to-peer sessions in select courses. Access online resources from the Learning Center for help with math, sciences, world languages, study skills, and other subjects. For help with writing, check out the instructional videos and other resources from the Writing Center.


Our library gives students access to thousands of print titles, online journals, eBooks, videos, music, and online research databases. Students more than 30 miles from campus have access to home delivery for books and online article delivery. Research help is available 24/7 through Ask a Librarian and specialized help by contacting a subject librarian.

Disability Resources

Portland State is committed to create an online environment that is accessible, inclusive and supportive. Disability Resource Center staff work to reduce or eliminate barriers to success for students with disabilities. Learn more about disability resources for online students.