The Population Research Center (PRC)

is an interdisciplinary public service, research, and training unit for population-related data and research for the State of Oregon.


Current News 

The 2020 Preliminary Population Estimates have been posted 

PRC is collecting information for the population forecasts

Population Forecast Survey Forms Download Page

Oregon Census Data Users Conference was held on September 23rd, 30th and October 7th

Presentation slides and videos available here

The Oregon State Data Center (SDC) is a partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau. The PRC is the lead agency responsible for administering this programs in Oregon. 

The Population Research Center produces the annual Population Estimates for Oregon and its counties and cities, as well as the estimates by age and sex for the state and its counties.

Recognizing the need for an accurate accounting of current population trends the Oregon Legislature assigned coordinated population forecasting to the Population Research Center.

The Population Research Center can provide expertise in population estimates, analysis, and forecasts on a fee basis.

More information about the purpose of the Population Research Center