Physics Department

Physics is the branch of knowledge that attempts to explain all of the phenomena we observe or infer on earth and in the universe. Its study has made possible a modern understanding of the origin of the universe as well as the behavior of biological materials and chemical processes. Scientists trained in this field can engage in such diverse areas as solid state devices, particle physics, energy and the environment, biotechnology, and space travel.

    Programs in Physics

    COVID-19 Closures and Updates

    • The Department of Physics office located in SRTC 134 is physically closed. The department's office staff are working remotely and can be contacted via e-mail at or phone at 503-725-3812.
    • While PSU staff are temporarily on furlough through the Work Share Program, the Physics Office staff are working Monday - Thursday (closed Fridays). Response and processing times may be longer than usual.
    • The Science Research and Teaching Center and Science Building I are badge access only. 
    • Our weekly seminar is cancelled and all Physics Departmental tutor room spaces will be closed until further notice.