Policies and Procedures

Students are responsible for knowing both University and departmental requirements, policies, and procedures. The PSU Bulletin is the primary source for graduate policies and procedures.  Academic departments and the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) also have policies and procedures that are not listed in the Bulletin but are available on their websites or in student handbooks.

Several of the most frequently asked about University-level graduate policies and procedures are listed below for quick reference. This is not a comprehensive list of all University and OGS requirements, so if the topic you are looking for is not listed here please refer to the current Bulletin or contact OGS at grad@pdx.edu or 503-725-8410 with any questions.


Summary of procedures for master's degrees

Summary of procedures for doctoral degrees


Academic standing

Applying for graduation

Bachelors+masters degree programs

Course overlap between degrees and graduate certificates

Credit distribution and limitations

Grading System

Graduate School Representative (GS Rep) for doctoral committees

Incomplete grades

Joint Campus Registration

Leave of Absence

Minimum enrollment


Pre-admission credits


Remote thesis/dissertation participation

Repeat of graduate courses

Reserved credits

Residency requirements

Second language requirement for MA/MAT degrees

Shared master's credits

Time limitations for doctoral degrees

Transfer credits

Transfer credits from international institutions

Validation of out-of-date graduate credit for master’s degrees 

501/503 credit conversions

601/603 credit conversions