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Graduate Candidate Deadlines

The following documents must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies on or before the dates indicated, for graduation in the specified term. Departments may have additional deadlines.




Note: dates occur during the preceding term
Appointment of Thesis Final Oral Examination Committee
To be submitted by the Advisor for all master's students completing theses. 
Non-thesis oral examination committees are appointed within the departments only. (See Note 1)
June 5 Sept. 18 Nov. 27, '17 Mar. 12
June 4

Application for Graduate Certificate or Degree

For all graduate students. No student will graduate without submitting this form. (See Note 2)
June 30 Sept. 29
Jan. 12
April 6
June 29

Thesis/Dissertation Defense

For all graduate students completing theses or dissertations. (See Note 3)
July 14
Nov. 3
Feb. 16 May 11
July 13

Thesis/Dissertation Submission for
Final Approval

For all graduate students completing theses or dissertations. (See Note 4
July 28 Nov. 17 Mar. 2 May 25 July 27


Recommendation for the Master's or Doctoral Degree (This form not to be handled by students)
Aug. 22 Dec. 12 Mar. 27 Jun. 19† Aug. 21

†Doctoral students can only participate in the PSU Spring Commencement ceremony if they have met all deadlines, completed all degree requirements, and have been certified for graduation by the Office of Graduate Studies; therefore, GO-17s for Spring term doctoral applicants are due one week earlier, June 12.

Early Term Graduation
(for thesis and dissertation students only)

Students who miss the listed Thesis/Dissertation Submission deadline may graduate in the following term without registering in that following term if they submit the completed/defended/approved/formatted thesis/dissertation by the GO-17 deadline (e.g., students who turn in their thesis after July 28 but no later than August 22, 2017, and have met all other requirements by that date, will graduate in Fall term 2017 without having to register in Fall term; they must be registered in Summer term 2017).


Note 1:

For non-thesis final examinations (including final project presentations), examinations must be scheduled and completed by the Friday of finals week for graduation in that term (end of eighth week for Summer term).

Note 2:

As a one-time courtesy, students who do not complete degree requirements can have their application for graduation carried forward to a future term (typically the next term, but it could be at maximum up to one year in advance). To request that an application for graduation be carried, students must contact OGS in writing and provide an explanation for the graduation delay. If students do not graduate a second time, the application for graduation will be dropped; they will then need to reapply for graduation by the appropriate deadline (and will be assessed a new $30 fee). 

Note 3:

The student must deliver a defense draft of the thesis or dissertation to all members of the approved committee no fewer than 14 days before the oral defense.

Note 4:

Final copies of theses and dissertations must be prepared in compliance with the ETD Formatting Requirements available here.