Research & Projects

Want to get involved with faculty research? Interested Linguistics students should contact faculty project leaders directly.

Civil Engineering Writing Project

Applied linguists collaborate with civil engineers to study the writing of engineering practitioners and students, and to help students become better prepared for workplace writing. Students in our department work on the project doing grammatical and rhetorical analyses, writing computer programs for linguistic analysis, and developing teaching materials. Susan Conrad is the head of the project, which is funded by the National Science Foundation and takes place at four universities.

Community Engagement and Outreach

Linguistically diverse Atkinson Elementary (a Portland Public School District, K-5 school) is a practice setting for LING 409/509 PRAC: Community Activism in Multilingual / Multicultural Contexts.  Diversity Teaching Gardens, The RHYTHM Project, and a Multi-Lingual Art Installation are just some of Janet Cowal's multi-generational family ESL projects.

Community ESL Practicum

2009 Carter Award winning teaching practicum program in which LING 409/509 students get practice teaching hours and adult ESL students get free classes in survival English. The Practicum is coordinated by Jenny Stenseth. 

Literacy, Language & Technology Research Group (LLTR)

Projects center on the acquisition of literacy, digital literacy, and second languages among adults, especially members of economically vulnerable and socially excluded populations.  The LLTR Group is led by various faculty members.

Documenting the Sherbro Language and Culture

Documenting the Sherbro Language and Culture is supported by a major documentation grant from the University of London. Tucker Childs, is the Principal Investigator.