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Resident VIEW

Resident VIEW (Voicing Importance and Experience for Well-Being) is a measure developed and validated by the Institute on Aging. The tool aims to assess person-directed care (PDC) from the point of view of residents. 

At the center of the measure's conceptual framework is personhood, the recognition that each person is unique and worthy of respect. This is surrounded by five areas that affect the quality of daily life of residents: staff knowing the person, engaging in meaningful activity, relationships with staff, individualized care, and autonomy and choice.

The project is funded by: Oregon Department of Human Services Quality Care Fund.


Project Director
Diana White, PhD

Project Manager
Serena Hasworth, MPH


  • The Resident VIEW in Nursing Homes (White, D.L., Tunalilar, O., Hasworth, S., & Winfree, J. (2019). The Resident VIEW in Nursing Homes. Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine, 5.
  • Study Methods (PDF)

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