Mentoring is a crucial component of the BUILD EXITO experience. Mentors encourage and guide scholars in successfully reaching their academic and career goals.  We recognize that the pathway to become a health researcher involves several different supportive relationships. Consequently, the BUILD EXITO mentoring model includes a triad of support for each scholar.  Please see below to learn more about the various mentoring roles and how they support scholars on their pathway to success in research!

Peer Mentors

Peer mentors serve as guides to student life and success, helping EXITO scholars connect to campus cultural activities, groups and programs, as well as navigate university services such as housing, financial aid and recreation. Peer mentors share personal insights and counsel Scholars on how best to take advantage of EXITO courses, resources and research experiences.  

Career Mentors

Career mentors are faculty members who offer encouraging guidance to scholars on a range of academic and career development topics, such as choosing a career path, developing a strong CV, networking with colleagues, applying to graduate programs, navigating higher education, connecting with campus services and resources, and simply discussing the ups and downs of college life.

Research Mentors

Research mentors are matched with scholars placed in their research learning communities. They provide direct supervision and guidance as BUILD Scholars gain first-hand knowledge about designing, conducting, and communicating research. Research mentors teach practical skills as scholars work on faculty research projects.