Student Conduct at PSU

The mission of the Portland State University Conduct & Community Standards Program is to promote a culture of integrity and respect, as articulated in the Student Code of Conduct. The Office of Dean of Student Life administers the University's Student Code of Conduct, which provides a process for addressing student misconduct.

The goals of the Student Conduct Process are:

  1. To promote a campus environment that supports the overall educational mission of the University;
  2. To protect the University community from disruption and harm;
  3. To encourage appropriate standards of individual and group behavior; and
  4. To foster ethical standards and engaged citizens.

The PSU Conduct & Community Standards Program fulfills this mission by providing programs and services that:

  1. Develop, disseminate, interpret, and enforce campus regulations;
  2. Teach students about appropriate behavior and community membership;
  3. Foster students' intellectual, ethical and cultural development;
  4. Intervene and effectively address behavior that violates the Code of Conduct; and
  5. Offer educational and leadership opportunities for students who participate in the conduct process.

Submit a Complaint

To submit a conduct complaint simply click on the "Student Conduct Complaint Form" link to the left. If you have supporting documentation that you would like to submit along with a complaint, please help us in our quest for sustainability by scanning documents and attaching them to the online form.