If you are transferring or applying to graduate school at another University, you may be asked to have the Dean of Student Life or a comparable official fill out a form. These forms vary from institution to institution, but they usually ask the Dean to confirm your information and answer some questions about your conduct at Portland State.

These forms typically take 7-10 days for our office to process and it often takes longer as application deadlines approach, so plan ahead to ensure that your application arrives (or is postmarked) on time.

Bring the form to the Office of the Dean of Student Life (SMSU 433) along with a stamped envelope addressed to the institution you are applying to, a verification of enrollment (instructions are below), and a signed FERPA Release Form giving the Office of the Dean of Student Life permission to release information pertaining to your conduct records to the institution you are applying to.

If you are applying to multiple schools please bring an envelope, verification, and release to go along with each form you would like sent out.

Verification of Enrollment

  1. Visit my.pdx.edu.
  2. Click the Log in to Banweb link. (If presented with a login screen, enter your Odin username and password and click the login button. Banweb opens in a new window.)
  3. Click the Student Services tab.
  4. Click the Enrollment Verification link.
  5. Click the National Clearing House link. (The site opens in a new window.)
  6. Click the All Enrollment button and then the Obtain an Enrollment Certificate link. The certificate opens in a new window and lists the dates/terms that you were registered at Portland State and whether you were full time, half time, or less than half time.
  7. Print this page and bring it to the Office of the Dean of Student Life along with the form you need filled out, an envelope, and your FERPA release.