Standards & Procedures

Portland State University strives to create a quality environment for all students and users of its facilities. Here you can find details about our process and the standards that we uphold.


Portland State University resides within the University District, a zone created by the City of Portland in 1995. University District policies are implemented through the City of Portland Central City Plan District and related requirements of the City of Portland Planning and Zoning code. Detailed property and property related land-
use information is available through Portland Maps. 

To understand more about PSU's construction process, estimating process, and project length, please view the Capital Projects & Construction Procedures PDF.

University land use planning is conducted by the Campus Planning Office. The Space Allocation Committee assists the campus community and local stakeholders in addressing a variety of campus long range and short range land use topics.

With the purpose of providing consultants general design criteria for campus improvements, the Portland State University Building Design and Sustainable Practice Guidelines outline the construction and design standards for Portland State’s urban campus. These guide-lines are managed and maintained by the Planning, Construction and Real Estate (PCRE) departments, as an overlay to the City of Portland Central City Fundamental Design Guidelines.

In addition to these standards, the PSU Physical Facilities Inventory Manual establishes space allocation standards for the design of facilities across campus.

Technical Design Standards

With the intention of clearly and concisely communicating our standards, including preferences and recommendations, to the team of consultants and contractors who work on our projects, we composed these technical design standards. The work involved in the creation of this document comprised obtaining information from important stakeholders on campus, including the professionals who manage PSU’s daily campus and maintenance activities, as well as the leaders who define PSU’s strategic approach and future vision. Their expertise, experience, ideas, and recommendations, in addition to our own knowledge of best design and construction practices, were incorporated into this document to guide and assist campus design efforts.

At CPC we learn from every new project. We believe that the collaboration and input of the in-house team of professionals from various departments is extremely valuable and we attempt to constantly encourage their participation. Hence, our technical design standards are not a finished and timeless document; it is intended to be reviewed and re-issued every 6 months by our department as a result of lessons learned from our projects and industry practices, as well as new technologies in construction. In striving for constant improvement, we welcome your feedback.

We are excited about our department’s role in shaping the PSU-of-the-future while preserving the good things we have today. We are pleased to share this document with our partners and hope it can be used to fulfill our department’s mission. To view, please download the Technical Design Standards PDF. To learn how to use the Technical Design Standards, please download the Technical Design Standards User Instructions

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