Campus Planning Office

Welcome to Campus Planning

We are committed to an equitable and just future

As planners, designers, real estate professionals, architects, engineers, and construction managers, we recognize that planning, design and construction are not neutral processes, and that we have the power to reflect upon whether our beliefs, choices, and actions perpetuate or rectify injustices in the work we do every day. These fields are steeped in implicit bias and false perceptions of what an ideal building, street, campus, neighborhood, or city looks like. Individually, we have the ability to challenge those biases, and together, as a unified department, we will hold each other accountable and committed to designing and building an equitable, safe, welcoming, accessible, and inclusive campus for all.

 Read more about our anti-racism efforts and plan.

The Campus Planning Office (CPO) works on integrated physical development planning processes that are guided by academic, research and student success priorities and goals to assess and accommodate the changing needs of the University.


About Us

The Campus Planning Office is a department within Finance and Administration (FADM). Our department often partners and collaborates with other PSU departments to support campus planning activities. Campus planning activities include facilities and space planning, transportation planning, campus design, and space programming and management.

Campus Planning Office Duties

  • Developing campus-wide plans
  • Assessing campus needs by collecting and tracking data related to space allocation and use and student and employee transportation choices and preferences.
  • Producing maps and reports that showcase campus trends and the conditions of campus infrastructure
  • Developing site plans and feasibility studies for potential development projects
  • Managing unique infrastructure projects, often requiring collaboration with external partners
  • Developing capital project requests identifying priority development projects
  • Representing PSU in planning processes managed by city and regional agencies, as well as related committees and associations
  • Providing real estate services that include:
    • Acquisition and sale of real estate
    • Development and renewal of leases for non-PSU tenants renting space in PSU owned facilities
    • Leasing of space in non-PSU owned buildings for PSU



Circulation Plan

Report to come soon 


Science Building 1 Renovation

Long Range Plan

2019 Open Space Plan

This plan is intended to acknowledge open spaces as valuable campus assets with multi-faceted benefits and functions that respond to a variety of campus needs. It aims to characterize and define open space types, guide the integration of open space into development decisions, highlight opportunities for improvement and engagement, and advocate for preservation where appropriate. The plan presents a vision for open spaces where they are actively considered instead of functioning as an afterthought in design.

2011 Bicycle Transportation Plan

The Portland State University Bicycle Transportation Plan is an evaluation of existing and potential bicycle facility improvements and program initiatives aimed at increasing the attractiveness of bicycle use in the University District. Bicycling is a highly sustainable mode of transportation and the University has committed to nearly doubling the share of people who bicycle to campus each day by 2030.

2010 University District Framework Plan

The University District Framework Plan, developed in 2010, reflects the most recent and comprehensive efforts to consolidate past campus-area plans and define a vision for the future of Portland State and its surroundings in central Portland. The Plan outlines goals and strategies towards making PSU a more sustainable, vibrant Portland institution and hub of learning excellence.



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