Undergraduate Program

What you learn

Bachelor's degree holders are suited to entry-level careers in the field of conflict resolution, as well as being prepared to add value in any community setting, occupational field, or workplace by bringing conflict transformation strategies to bear. Undergraduates acquire these skills as they focus on the transformation of conflict for the achievement of peace and social justice at the small group and community level.

How it works

The major is 56 credits, 20 of required courses and 36 of electives.  Majors may also take a Career Preparation course (CR 411), typically in their senior year.

The minor adds a conflict resolution component to a student's credentials while majoring in any field of study.  Students work with their advisors to customize their minor based on their particular interests and life experiences.  The minor is 28 credits.   

Earn a Certificate in Transformative Messaging. Available to all students with two CR required courses and three selected electives.

Students work closely with their faculty advisor in Conflict Resolution as well as with their Pathways advisor for general academic support.  The program offers a fall orientation event for students as well as by appointment and drop-in advising.  

Enhance your experience by joining Students United for Nonviolence, an ASPSU organization affiliated with Conflict Resolution.  Our Undergraduate Handbook is full of helpful information about our degrees. Read on and see the quick links below to learn more.

Course Schedule

Each term, Conflict Resolution publishes courses for the current and next term here.  

Required Courses

Introduction to Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Skills

Values & Ethics in Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Psychology

Intercultural Conflict Resolution

Sample Electives

Peace Studies

Consensus Building

Participating in Democracy

Ecology of War & Peace

Nonviolence History & Campaigns

Career Preparation

Transformative Messaging

You can earn a Certificate in Transformative Messaging within your CR major, CR minor, or other course of study at PSU.  This Certificate also allows you to complete the Leading Social Change junior cluster for University Studies!