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Conflict Resolution Faculty & Graduate Student Research at-a-glance

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Anastasiou, Harry populist nationalism, technology & global affairs edited with P. Firchow, Practical Approaches to Peacebuilding (2016) Rotary Action Group for Peace
Byron, Amanda Smith peace education, holocaust & genocide studies "Storytelling as Pedagogy in post-secondary peace (and justice) Education," in Peace and Justice Studies: Critical Pedagogy eds. Groarke & Welte (2019) Oregon Jewish Museum & Center for Holocaust Education
Cunliffe, Rachel restorative justice "A Pedagogy of Resistance: Reflections on Teaching Love and Indignation in a Neoliberal University," Journal of Transdisciplinary Peace Praxis vol. 2 no. 1 (2020): 39-63.  
Hastings, Tom civil resistance; agents provocateurs; peace journalism with Adam Vogal, Agents Provocateurs: Strategic Implications for Civil Resistance. Washington, DC: International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (forthcoming, 2020) International Center on Nonviolent Conflict
Kanyako, Vandy transitional justice, civil society & peacebuilding Oil Revenues, Security & Stability in West Africa, Palgrave Macmillan, 2020.  
Tint, Barbara intercultural conflict resolution; improvisation and conflict resolution edited volume, Diasporas in Dialogue: Community Reconciliation in Worldwide Refugee Communities, Wiley Blackwell, 2017 Applied Improvisation Network
Hiller, Patrick peace studies "Teaching Tangible Peace," Peace Review  vol. 30 no. 3 (July 2018): 279-84. War Prevention Initiative
Shuford, John moral psychology; law & policy; hate studies Shuford, John. (2012). " 'The tale of the tribe and the company town': What we can learn about the workings of whiteness in the Pacific Northwest." Oregon Law Review, 90(5), 1273-1318. The Hate Studies Center
Wallace, Molly nonviolent security Security without Weapons: Rethinking Violence, Nonviolent Action and Civilian Protection (Routledge, 2017) Multnomah County - restorative dialogue

Master's Theses

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El Mansouri, Ahmed

"Competing Narratives: The Struggle for the Soul of Egypt"

2020 Anastasiou
Zaman, S.M. Anisuz "The Rise of Mono-Ethnic Religious Nationalism in Myanmar and its Impacts on the Security Situation in the South Asia Region" 2020 Anastasiou/Schechter


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Eltally, Ahmed Elsayed
"Explaining Sectarian Violence in the Middle East: A Conflict Analysis of the Case Study of Saudia Arabia and Iran"
2019 Anastasiou
Galan, Andreea Elena "The Impact of the Refugee Crisis on the European Union" 2018 Anastasiou
Le, Shinohara Tomoko "What is the Nature of the Conflict Experienced by Japanese Workers in International Companies Based in Japan and What Type of Conflict Management Do They Assess" 2017 Cunliffe
Mitchell, Stephanie Claire "The Function of Religion in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" 2017 Anastasiou
O'Donoghue, Leslie "Holocaust, Memory, Second Generation, and Conflict Resolution 2017 Tint
Conniry, Krystal Lynn "National Security, Mass Surveillance and Citizen Rights under Conditions of Protracted Warfare" 2016 Cunliffe
Luintel, Gyanu Guatam "Intrastate Armed Conflict and Peacebuilding in Nepal: An Assessment of the Political and Economic Agency of Women" 2016 Tint
Baum, Chris W. "Nationalism in United States Foreign Policy in the Post 9/11 Era" 2015 Anastasiou
Ette, John  Umo "The Impact of Economic Integration within the European Union as a Factor in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding" 2014 Anastasiou
Shrestha, Lisha "Dialogue in Identity-Based Conflict (Study of Intergroup-Dialogue with University Students" 2014 Tint
Bassale, Parfait Adegboye "Music and Conflict Resolution: Can a Music and Story Centered Workshop Enhance Empathy?" 2013 Gould
Clarke, Roland Tuwea "Postwar Reconstruction in Liberia: The Participation and Recognition of Women in Politics" 2013 Gould
Filecia, Danielle "Why Occupy? Principal Reasons for Participant Involvement in Occupy Portland" 2013 Gould
Hooker, Elizabeth "Here, We Are Walking on a Clothesline: Statelessness and Human (In)Security Among Burmese Women Political Exiles Living in Thailand" 2013 Gould
La Rosa, Thais "Cultural Behavior in Post-Urbanized Brazil: The Cordial Man and Intrafamilial Conflict" 2013 Gould
Reed, Elicia Keren "Track I Diplomacy and Civil Society in Cyprus: Reconciliation and Peacebuilding During Negotiations" 2013  Anastasiou
Vehapi, Flamur "Conflict Resolution in Islam: Document Review of the Early Sources" 2013 Anastasiou
Aleu-Baak, Wek "Perceptions and Voices of South Sudanese About the North-South Conflict" 2011 Tint
Clark, Matthew Franklin "The Challenges of Immigrant Integration: A Study of Turkish Immigrants in Germany" 2011 Anastasiou
Galloway, Patricia "Perceptions of Peacebuilding and Multi-Track Collaboration in Divided Societies for a Sustainable Peace Agreement at the Political Level: A Case Study of Cyprus" 2011 Anastasiou
McKee, Erin Leigh "Conflict-Conditioned Communication: A Case Study of Communicative Relations between the United States and Iran from 2005-2008" 2011 Anastasiou
Migliore, Joseph Anthony "The Cultural Barriers to Integration of Second Generation Muslims in Northern Italy" 2011 Anastasiou
Olin, Mary N. "Through the Eyes of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots: The Perception of Cyprus" 2011 Anastasiou
Stiles, Carrie E. "Countering Structural Violence: Cultivating an Experience of Positive Peace" 2011 Anastasiou
Teshome, Bisrat "Poverty and Conflict: A Self-Perpetuating Cycle in the Somali Regional State (Region 5) Ethiopia: 1960-2010" 2011 Anastasiou
Dayton, Emily Fern "The Creative Use of Dance/Movement Therapy Processes to Transform Intrapersonal Conflicts Associated with Sexual Trauma in Women" 2010 Gould
Johnston, Mindy Kay "Music and Conflict Resolution: Exploring the Utilization of Music in Community Engagement" 2010 Gould
Lucas, David Ryan "Between Non-Intervention and Protection: A study on the case of Darfur and the Responsibility to Protect" 2010 Gould
Al Saleh, Abdullah R. "Conflict Analysis: Exploring the Role of Kuwait in Mediation in the Middle East" 2009 Anastasiou
Bates, Steven John "Red de Salud-Network of health: structural violence, exclusion and inclusion in Venezuela" 2009 Gould
Tenty, Crystal Renee "Sex Work and Moral Conflict: Enhancing the Quality of Public Discourse Using Photovoice Method" 2009 Gamburd
Diamond, Michelle Maria Nichole "Islamophobia and the U.S. Media" 2007 Gould 
Soma, Samantha Isabella "An Examination of Conflict Conversation in an Online Community: the Pie Fight at" 2006 Gould
Waller, Karin Alayne "Mediator Personality Type and Perceived Conflict Goals in Workplace Mediation: A Study of Shared Neutrals" 2000 Tracy