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A small group of committed faculty started offering classes in Conflict Resolution in 1996. The program conferred its first master's degree in 2000 and since then, its hundreds of graduates have gone on to work in many fields, notably education, consulting, philanthropy, media, government, and international affairs. 

You can hear  snippets of Conflict Resolution history in the voices of faculty members, narrated in 2021 and listen to full oral histories at "Conflict Reframed: The Practices and Professions of Peace at PSU, 1996-2020"

Faculty, Teachers & Education Administrators

Parfait Bassale (MA 2013) Chief Diversity Officer, South Puget Sound Community College

Erica Bestpitch (MA 2005) Director, Women's Resource Center, PSU

Stephanie Van Hook (MA 2010) Executive Director, Metta Center for Nonviolent Education

Emiko Noma (MS 2008) Senior Editor & Writer, Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice, USD

Miranda Williamson (MS 2011), Administrator Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice, USD

Rachel Foxhoven (MS 2009) Director of Graduate Business Programs, SBA PSU

Roberta Hunte (MS 2006), Assistant Professor of Social Work, PSU

Stephanie Jahnke (MS 2006) Program Administrator Conflict Resolution PSU (retired)

Sonja Taylor (MS 2018), Instructor, University Studies, PSU

Ahmed El-Mansouri (MS, 2018) Program Coordinator, Multicultural Programs, PSU

Amanda Guidero (MA 2010) Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Creighton University

Michael English (MA 2008) Associate Director, Peace, Conflict & Security Studies, UC Boulder

Karin Waller (MA 2000) Executive Assistant, Office of International Affairs, PSU

Jill Townley (MS 2001) Associate Director, International Student Life, PSU

Alaa Abudawood (MS 2013) Administrative Head, Nun Academy, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)


Consulting & Private Practice

Josalyn Janapol (MS 2013) Restorative Action Alliance

Michael Mulica (MS 2010) Senior Director, Keystone Policy Center

Meg Goldberg (MA 2003), Goldberg Mediation 

Emily Plummer Stanz (MS 2013), Staff Associate, DS Consulting

Christina Albo (MA 2003) Executive Director, Resolutions NW

Tobin Krell (MS 2009) Restorative Justice School Specialist, Resolutions NW

Maria Scanelli (MS 2008) Restorative Justice Director, Resolutions NW

Fonda Sanchez (MS 2012) Research, Monitoring & Evaluation Analyst

Annette Leonard (MS 2002) Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Adam Vogal (MS 2017) The Peace Professionals, LLC

Health Care

Ann Romer (MS 2004) Practice Transformation Manager, OCHIN

Dana Ghazi (MS 2016) Bicultural Mental Health Advisor, OHSU

Bobby Puffin (MS 2005) Northwest Area Indian Health Board

Public Sector & Government

Asena Lawrence (MS 2017), Senior Policy Director, City of Portland

Martine Coblentz (MS 2008) Equity & Organizational Culture Manager, Multnomah County

Cory Mathews (MS 2001) Mediator, Clackamas County

Daniel Garcia (MS 2010) Equity & Inclusion Policy, senior advisor, Multnomah County

Rhea Dumont (MA 2012) Community Justice Manager, Multnomah County

Nickole Cheron (MS 2005) Office of Equity & Human Rights, City of Portland

Carley Adams Berkey (MA 2009) Dispute Resolution Center, City of Beaverton


Philanthropy & Industry

Jennifer Tenorio (MS 2014) cargo & logistics

Deolanda "Beezie" Burton (MS 2019) Northwest Housing Alternatives

Jennifer Birk (MA 2012), Senior Change Manager, The Standard

Justin Zoradi (MS 2009) Founder, These Numbers Have Faces

Will Nash (MS 2011) Senior Program Leader, Intel

Justin Miller (MA 2001) Director of Underwriting, KBOO

Melanie Belsio (MS 2012) private banking, US Bank

Mindy Johnston (MS 2010) Director, Lutheran Community Services NW

Kirsten Kilchenstein (MS 2003), Oregon Community Foundation