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Commercial filming and photography on Portland State University's campus is welcome. All use of PSU campus properties, buildings and grounds, trademarks and logos in commercial filming, advertising and video taping activities must be approved and coordinated through the Campus Events & Student Union office and adhere to the following policy and fees.

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General filming policy

  1. All commercial filming and photographing done on the Portland State University campus must be coordinated through the Campus Events & Student Union office. These guidelines do not apply to legitimate news or athletic related films and photos taken by photographers working in cooperation with Campus Events & Student Union or the Athletic Department.
  2. Portland State University's name, in most instances, will not be used in the script or in publicity about a commercial project. All scripts and photo shots are subject to approval from Campus Events & Student Union prior to any filming. Identifiable buildings, landmarks, facilities, trademarks, and logos may not be photographed unless specifically permitted. Commercials that feature identifiable University properties are expressly forbidden without approval. Precaution must be taken to ensure the University does not appear to sponsor or endorse commercial ventures through any commercial filming or photographing activities.
  3. The intent of this policy is to ensure the University retains the benefit and control of its image and that any external use of that image is made only with the express approval and consent of the University and only under circumstances benefiting the University, its students and personnel, or its educational mission.

Requirements of Consent

When commercial photographs or films are to be taken on campus, a written contract, necessary use permits, required fees, and insurance coverage must be obtained prior to any filming activity. Portland State University prefers to negotiate contracts with a minimum of two (2) weeks advance notice and reserves the right to deny contract negotiations if the timeliness factor is not observed.
While Portland State University encourages filming ventures when they benefit the University's programs and public image, we must ensure that normal routines are not unduly interrupted. Coordination must be maintained between University groups and the production crew to ensure interruptions to the University's schedule are minimized.


Know that PSU’s Campus Events & Student Union, Venues and Operations, and Contracts offices will be responsible for the implementation and interpretation of filming and photography guidelines and for negotiating the required contracts.

More on Filming, Video, Photo Fees

Contact Randy Mishler, Marketing and Communications Coordinator of Campus Events & Student Union, for fee information when scouting is not required:, 503-725-3507 (as of 6/2020, we are still working off campus so email will be faster).

If you are seeking to film in the Park Blocks, submit a request to the city's Parks Department