Unlocking Blockchain for Business Leaders

Unlocking Blockchain for Business Leaders

Wednesday, April 24, 2019  8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Center for Executive and Professional Education

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“Job postings requiring blockchain skills ballooned by 200% in the first five months of this year, compared with the same period a year earlier.”  – Wired Magazine, 9/17/18

Blockchain is everywhere in the news today, from tech publications to business journals, industry blogs, and even mainstream news. But what is blockchain, and how will it impact organizations in the near future?

Join us to learn how blockchain technology has the potential to fundamentally change the way business is conducted and transform our economic, social, and political systems. Companies in many industries are just now beginning to understand how to apply blockchain solutions to solve business problems.

This one-day training event will delve into the world of blockchain technology and the promise it holds. Participants will learn about cryptocurrencies, the basic mechanics of blockchain protocol, and understand how blockchain technologies can both solve challenges and support goals. Business leaders will have the opportunity to develop a practical, fundamental understanding of blockchain technology and its potential application within their organizations.

We will explore the future of blockchain technology and examine its longer-term implications for business. This overview will include:

  • How blockchain and cryptocurrencies came into existence
  • Debunking bitcoin myths/misunderstandings
  • Introduction to the underlying distributed ledger technology
  • Understanding the fundamental business problems solved by blockchain
  • Discovering new business disruptions/opportunities
  • Understanding the technology foundations of blockchain
  • Application of blockchain to different industry segments:
    • Healthcare
    • Finance
    • Supply Chain
    • Energy
    • Media/Marketing
    • Start-ups


This training overview is designed for non-technical business leaders who are tasked with making business decisions about leveraging blockchain technology within their organization. No knowledge of technology or coding is required to attend.
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Opening Remarks:

Tobias ReadTobias Read, Oregon State Treasurer
Elected Oregon’s 29th State Treasurer in 2016, Tobias Read draws upon his management, political, and finance policy experience to serve Oregonians as Treasurer. He has worked in the US Department of the Treasury and as a liaison between designers, engineers, and manufacturing units for Nike Inc. In 2006, he was elected to the Oregon House of Representatives, where he served for a decade.


Ketan SampatKetan Sampat co-founded CafeGive Social, provider of a cause marketing SaaS platform for businesses and non-profits. Ketan is faculty at Portland State’s School of Business, where he teaches Business Strategy, International Business, and Data Analytics. Ketan was the founding President of TiE-Oregon and brings 25+ years of experience in e-commerce, Internet applications, semiconductors, and software development.

Alpen ShethAlpen Sheth, PhD, is visiting faculty at Portland State’s College of Urban and Public Affairs. He cofounded a blockchain R&D startup, the Economic Space Agency, and later became the Head of Product at Ethersic, a blockchain-based insurance network. Alpen advises several blockchain ventures and has worked as consultant for the World Bank, Harvard School of Public Health, Risk Management Solutions, and the Interuniversity Institute for Research and Development.


Jeff GausModerator Jeff Gaus is the Founder of the Oregon Blockchain Venture Studio (OBVS), which aims to establish Oregon’s prominence in this emerging technology. Jeff is a seasoned technology executive who served as the CEO of Prolifiq Software, VP Marketing for eFusion, and Executive Director Healthcare, Education, and Government for NEC. Additionally, Jeff serves as the Board Chair for Young Entrepreneurs Business Week.

Jonathan BradleyAs a founding member of the R/GA Ventures team, Jonathan Bradley leads the development of innovation programs that enable R/GA’s global clients and partners to identify and capitalize on viable market opportunities by leveraging emerging solutions from the startup ecosystem. In his role, Jonathan has helped establish 15 R/GA Venture Studio programs resulting in a portfolio of 100+ companies positioned to solve business problems and achieve strategic objectives across global markets in industries including commerce, sports, media, marketing, IoT, and infrastructure technologies.

Tyler HarknessTyler Harkness is a corporate and securities law attorney with Tonkon Torp LLP where he focuses on helping entrepreneurs and startup companies, which includes working with a variety of cryptocurrency and blockchain focused companies. Tyler serves on the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network Board of Directors, the TiE Blockchain Special Interest Group Planning Committee, and has worked with the Uniform Law Commission to promote legislative efforts related to the Uniform Virtual Currency Act.

Isaac HinesIsaac Hines is a former finance director and general manager in the energy sector where he oversaw upwards of $200m in projects. As the COO of Sila he is now working to overhaul the financial service world by using advanced APIs and distributed ledger technology.


Brian LeoBrian Lio is the Founder and CEO of Smith + Crown, a blockchain research group that focuses on cryptoeconomics, asset intelligence, and industry analysis. Brian is also the founder of the Bright Iron Group and the chief research advisor to the Digital Chamber of Commerce’s Token Alliance.


Kate MitselmakherKate Mitselmakher is the CEO, Founder, and General Partner of Bloccelerate VC. Prior to founding Bloccelerate, Kate spent 10 years at the premier global market research firm, Gartner, where she advised Fortune 500 companies on emerging technologies, spearheaded growth activities of $50M investment group, and advised multiple venture-backed companies.


Michael ReedMichael Reed is the director of the blockchain program within Intel’s Software and Solutions Group. In addition, Mike works with open source software consortiums like the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger project and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to help accelerate blockchain adoption. Mike has worked for over 25 years building and delivering new computing technologies that range from consumer electronics to cloud software.