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Alumni Spotlight: Rose Jubb

Style and substance

Amazon’s Prime Video may not be the place most women turn to for style advice, but Rose Jubb (‘11) is changing that.

The CEO of Style Class, Jubb fashioned a career helping women build confidence, and she’s recently launched “Closet Goals,” a three-episode series makeover show broadcast on Prime Video.

An image consultant, style expert, and visibility coach, Jubb’s target audience is women with their own businesses or big career aspirations. Through Style Class, she provides in-person and virtual closet makeovers, educational sessions, her “Boss Closet” podcast, and videos. She’s also authored the book “Closet Goals.” Her coaching extends across the globe to clients in locales such as England and Portugal.

“It’s all about creating your ideal image, and that covers all aspects of style,” she says. “If I can inspire a woman to find her confidence and do what she’s meant to do, that’s my contribution. When women feel comfortable to share their talents, it can be world-changing.”

Perfect alignment

The urge to guide others toward their true style started when Jubb was still a Minnesota farmgirl. The self-proclaimed “black sheep” of her family, Jubb was an artist who preferred to paint murals rather than pitch hay. “Helping friends redo their closets was really about me being shy and wanting to fit in,” she recalls. “I spent all my babysitting money and extra time scouring stores in our tiny town’s mall for the best deals and ways to dress to gain confidence.”

Jubb worked for five years as a graphic designer in marketing departments. When her first marriage began to unravel, she sought counseling and became so inspired by the help she received that it fueled a new passion. She moved to Portland and earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at PSU.

Jubb later received a Master’s in Social Science, but she eventually got burnt out by working in domestic violence, homelessness, and social services. “I still wanted to help women but I knew I needed to pivot somehow,” she says. “It took many years of building my own confidence to admit I’m a wardrobe stylist.”

Teaming with a local production company on her website videos led to the “Closet Goals” makeover show. “I wanted a bigger platform to spread as much confidence as possible to women and girls,” Jubb says. “I also cover online consignment and resale fashion to give people budget-friendly options and teach how to shop sustainably.” 

Plans for a 10-episode season of Closet Goals are now underway.

Despite the glamour of the big stage, Jubb says the most fun part of her job is working with clients and conducting live trainings.

“Style is not fashion,” she asserts. “Fashion is my favorite art form, but it’s a tool we use to portray your style. Style is about your personality. It’s something you engage to get to your goals.”