The Accelerator works with each company to create a custom path to success, paved with achievable milestones such as funds raised, hires made, product stage, customer traction and revenue. Below is a select list of graduate companies.

BlueVolt provides field- and web-based training and productivity tools for people in trade industries such as construction

Cheetah Medical is designer of non-invasive cardiac output and hemodynamic monitoring equipment used primarily within clinical settings. Applications include fluid and drug optimization for high-risk hospital patients, monitoring for kidney failure patients and Exercise Cardiac Output (ECO®) for heart failure patients.

Compiere (acquired) is one of the few highly successful open source companies and provides enterprise application software via Compiere's 50+ member partner network worldwide.

Devon Way is a software development company whose on-demand solutions and transformational technology help electric utilities lower costs and add flexibility to rigid business practices as a service via the internet.

Eleven Wireless is an emerging leader in the billing, provisioning and settlement infrastructure for Wi-Fi network operators such as the hospitality industry.

Energy Storage Systems is delivering safe, flexible, low-cost, long-duration energy storage with our All-Iron Flow Battery.

Exit Games is an entertainment software provider for mobile platforms. The core product Neutron is the leading mobile multi-player solution, connecting mobile operators and users worldwide.

Floragenex is a biotechnology company that provides solutions for genomic analysis in human, plant and animal systems. their focus is on applications involving Restriction-site Associated DNA Sequencing, also known as RAD sequencing (RAD-Seq). RAD-Seq is a cutting-edge technology integrated with next-generation DNA sequencing platforms that enables scientists to efficiently discover and genotype large amounts of genetic information, in any plant or animal system, at a competitive cost.

Giftango is creating mobile electronic solutions for e-commerce, gift cards and membership card industries. The initial product focuses on electronic gift cards.

HD+ is a privately held company based in the heart of Silicon Valley that is developing a new home hemodialysis system to enable a broad spectrum of people to successfully manage dialysis at home.

Jama Software brings innovative analytics, solutions and insights to companies creating complex products and mission-critical software systems. 

MotioSens is a wireless solution provider improving the performance of mobility monitoring technologies for the medical device industry. Motiosens provides cost-effective, high-quality, in-home monitoring health assessment products and services for the rapidly growing elderly population.

Open Sesame makes buying and selling e-learning courses as easy as downloading a song from iTunes. Preview courses, read reviews and research sellers in our marketplace.

Pacific Diabetes Technologies is actively developing an integrated solution for glucose sensing and insulin delivery into a single unified device.

Pacific Light Technologies designed quantum dots enabling high-quality, energy-efficient solid-state lighting and was acquired in 2017.

Perpetua delivers renewable and reliable power solutions to the wireless sensor industry.

Revelation creates business intelligence software for capturing and analyzing customer experiences, no matter where or when they happen. It is a hosted web application used by market and design researchers around the world.

viaLanguage provides web-based language services that lower language and cultural barriers and help its clients do business more effectively anywhere in the world.

Zembula is a tool for marketers that improves existing results by a multiple of 10X.