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PSU Student Health Insurance Information

Waiver Links and Information

The Spring insurance waiver will be open starting 2/16/16.  Check back after that date to do your online insurance waiver if you have not submitted one in Fall or Winter.

***If you recently received a letter from PacificSource indicating your insurance plan terminated, please disregard the letter as it was sent out by them in error.  You may contact the SHAC Insurance Team with any questions.


2015-16 Health Insurance Brochure

Insurance Plan Information

Portland State University has a strong institutional commitment to academics, student growth, and the development of individual responsibility. To further these goals, the University supports the notion that catastrophic risk while attending PSU should be minimized. Therefore, PSU requires that all domestic students enrolled in five in-load, non-Restricted Differential Tuition credits or more (1 credit for international students) per term maintain comprehensive health insurance to ensure that students stay healthy and in the classroom. The Student Health Insurance Plan is major medical health insurance providing preventative, routine, and specialized health benefits. Those who have comparable outside health insurance can apply to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Our Partners

Portland State University partners with Wells Fargo Student Insurance Services, who is the insurance waiver administrator and web host of the online waiver application.  They have an integral role helping the University obtain competitive benefits and rates each year, as well as verifying student insurance plans of those who successfully waive the PSU Student Insurance Plan.  

PacificSource is the insurance carrier who pays claims and offers customer service for students who use the PSU Student Insurance Plan.  Students may contact PacificSource for insurance cards, benefit questions, and claim issues.


For more than 20 years, PSU offered a mandatory accident and illness insurance policy to students. In 2007, the University determined that the Basic and Supplemental Insurance plans were not sustainable and that rates would continue to increase substantially each year without providing an increase in benefits. PSU was faced with the choice of either eliminating school-sponsored health insurance entirely or significantly redesigning the student health insurance program. What followed was a lengthy process involving research, surveys, public forums, and consultation to determine the best solution. The result is a robust health insurance plan that is rich in benefits and has a low deductible. PSU insurance reports and surveys continue to show that a majority of PSU students use and rely on the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan.

SHAC Insurance Team

SHAC is committed to helping students navigate the insurance process and understand their options and plan benefits. SHAC has a dedicated insurance team that is available to students regarding most student health insurance matters. They can be reached by email or by calling 503.725.2495. Students can also schedule an appointment.



The Student Health Insurance Plan is a mandatory plan for any domestic student taking five or more in-load, non-Restricted Differential Tuition credits (1 credit for international students). If a student applies for an insurance plan waiver and is denied, the student may appeal the denial. The University and SHAC take great strides in informing students about the waiver application period; therefore there is no appeal process for a missed waiver deadline.