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Reporting Options

If you have experienced sexual misconduct or violence, accessing services and reporting the misconduct can help in ensuring your safety and well-being.

There are multiple ways to make a report on and off campus, and students can make reports to different offices and entities at the same time. An Advocate can help answer any questions about these options and support you through any option you choose:

  • Campus Public Safety: 503-725-4404

  • Campus Public Safety can be reached 24 hours a day and will work with Portland Police Bureau and the Office of the Dean of Students as appropriate to follow up on the report.

  • Portland Police Bureau: Call 911 or 503-823-3333

  • Student Code of Conduct Complaint: (503)725-4422

  • This report is applicable if your situation involves another PSU student. Go to the Student Code of Conduct webpage for more information on filing a complaint, or call the Office of The Dean of Student Life at (503)725-4422. The Conduct process can provide immediate No Contact Orders, ensure classroom safety, and address other campus safety concerns.

  • Office of Equity and Compliance: 503-725-5919

  • This report is applicable if your incident involves faculty or staff. Go to the Office of Equity and Compliance website, or call 503-725-5919.

  • PSU’s Title IX Coordinator: 503-725-5919

  • PSU’s Title IX Coordinator oversees PSU’s compliance with Federal Title IX requirements, as well as the PSU Policy on Prohibited Discrimination & Harassment (including Sexual Harassment). The Title IX Coordinator will work with the Office of the Dean of Student Life and CPSO as described above. PSU’s Title IX Coordinator is Julie Caron and the Deputy Title IX Coordinators are Christina Tubb and Domanic Thomas. They can be reached through email at or by calling 503-725-5919.

  • Anonymous Reporting:

  • Link to Anonymous Report. This option is applicable if you do not want any follow up regarding your specific case. Completing the anonymous report form does NOT constitute a police report or a student conduct report. Anonymous reports are used to gather and record information regarding the incidence of sexual assault on and around our campus, and to inform the community about the campus climate. Students do not have to disclose your name or identifying information in this reporting option.