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Socratic Society

Peter Boghossian (Portland State University)

May 21, 6:00pm - 5th Ave Cinema #92

Christianity is Not Great: Why Faith Fails

Abstract: There is no way around the following two facts: 1) In religious contexts, the term faith is used when one assigns a higher confidence value to a belief than is warranted by the evidence, and 2) Some people live their lives (make decisions, inform actions, etc.) based upon their faith-based beliefs. This paper fleshes out these facts and argues that defenses of faith-based thinking by Sophisticated Theologians™ and seasoned Christian apologists attempt to obfuscate fact one and rationalize fact two. It concludes by deconstructing faith and arguing for reason, rationality, authenticity, and epistemic humility.



The Socratic Society

The Socratic Society of Portland State University is a venue for Philosophy faculty and philosophers from outside the University to present papers or speak on various topics of interest. Meetings for the 2013-14 academic year will be announced as they are scheduled.

Please check periodically for upcoming events, and if you are interested in presenting or participating with the Socratic Society at PSU, please contact Avram Hiller at

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