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Undergraduate Research & Mentoring Program

Applications for summer 2016 will open this spring. Interested students are encouraged to connect with the program on Facebook to receive updates.

Among the college's signature offerings, the Undergraduate Research and Mentoring Program (URMP) funds paid undergraduate research opportunities for students majoring in all Maseeh College undergraduate disciplines: Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Additional opportunities may be available to students majoring in Chemistry and Physics.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Semiconductor Research Corporation Education Alliance.

Program eligibility:

  • Undergraduate PSU student in good academic standing
  • US citizen or permanent resident (eligible to work in the United States)
  • Strong academic record
  • Interest in undergraduate research

**Women and underrepresented students are highly encouraged to apply**

Students are required to:

  • Present their research at an end of the year poster symposium
  • Participate in one K-12 outreach presentation
  • Work a set number of hours per term agreed upon in consultation with their faculty mentor - funding is available for up to ten hours per week each term throughout the academic year
  • Commit to to the program through the end of Spring term

Questions? Please contact

Current Participants and Research Topics:

Student Faculty Mentor

Research Project

Shree Aier Dr. Jun Jiao

Quantitative Comparison of a Nanoengineered Alumina Coated CNT Arrays
to SiO2 Coated CNTs and Solution Based Delivery System

Jack Cannon Dr. Christof Teuscher Sparse Adaptive Local Machine Learning Algorithms for Sensing and Analytics
Ryan Catabay Dr. Jun Jiao Quantum Yield Optimization for Semiconductor Photocatalysis Systems
Henry Cooney Dr. Karen Karavanic High-Performance Computing for Drought Prediction
Michael Davis Dr. Bob Bass Residential Thermal Energy Storage for Utility Demand Response
Tiago Denczuk Dr. Marek Perkowksi

Arm for a Humanoid Guide Robot for the School of
Engineering and Computer Science at PSU

Tamara Dib Dr. Raul Cal Large Scale Features in Varying Densities of Volcanic Flumes
Robin Ekeya Dr. Jun Jiao Optimization of Carbon Nanotube-Based Gas Sensors
Matthew Fleetwood Dr. Christof Teuscher Emerging Adaptive Architectures for Biomolecular Computation
Moira Gion Dr. Raul Cal Boundary Layer Development Over Ice Formations
Uyen Mai Dr. Feng Liu Photo Quality Assessment: Predicting Crowd Opinions
Ezana Mulugeta Dr. Raul Cal Boundary Layer Development Over Ice Formations
Aimee Ritter Tom Bennett Engineered Mushing Cooker
Isaac Safdie-Miller Dr. Raul Cal Wave Pendulum Wake Developement
Shadman Samin Dr. Eric Wan Tracking Using a Continuous Wave Scattered Radar System
Sonashi Thabrew Dr. Olyssa Starry Evapotranspiration on Green Roofs for Irrigation Model(s) 
Logan Torres Dr. Mark Weislogel Complex Capillary Fluidic Phenomena for Passive Control of Liquids in Low-Gravity Environments
Jeffrey Udall Dr. Christof Teuscher 3D FPGA Cell Matrix by Self-assembly

Past Participants and Research Topics: