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Web Hosting

Service description

If your site is not an official PSU department or organization website, and has requirements beyond what a Personal Web Space can provide, you may qualify for OIT Web Hosting services. 

Service details

Two service levels are available: Basic Hosting and Plus Hosting.

Basic Hosting is appropriate for those with minimal web hosting needs, who require more space or resources than a Personal Web Space, such as the need to host a MySQL database (required to install a content management system like WordPress).

Plus Hosting is appropriate for those with web hosting needs that extend beyond what Basic Hosting can offer, such as the need to run Python or Java web applications or the need to host a PostgreSQL database. 

Charges and fees

  • Basic Hosting is free of charge.
  • Plus Hosting: $50 one-time setup fee, $413.50 annual recurring charge.

Terms and conditions


This service is available to the following groups:

  • Faculty
  • Staff


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